Phoenician Resort Art Collection: Contemporary Art

A Unique Opportunity:

Glenn Green Galleries is presenting select works for sale from The Phoenician Resort’s art collection. This special collection of art  includes contemporary paintings & sculpture and tapestries

Contact us for further details.                                                                                      Glenn Green Galleries (505) 820-0008





David Vinckboons-3
Hunters Shooting Geese
Artist/maker: Attributed to David Vinckboons                                                                           Origin/country: Flemish, 1576-1632
Medium: Oil on wood panel, a pair Style/form: Landscapes
Dimensions: Height: 19”x Width: 25” – image Height: 27”x Width: 35” – framed in burl wood Date/period: 17th Century Signature/Markings: N/A
Provenance: Keating Collection




Around Santa Cruz
Artist/maker: John Fincher
Origin/country: American, (born 1941)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Style/form: Contemporary
Dimensions: Height: 60”x Width: 72
Date/period: 1986
Item Description: Desert landscape
Signature/Markings: Signed, dated & titled lower right ‘86
Big Tesuque Poplars
Artist/maker: John Fincher
Origin/country: American, (born 1941)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: Height: 86” x Width: 62”
Date/period: N/A
Signature/Markings: Signed lower left


Phoenician Collection Dan Namingha Corn Maidens and Butterfly Maidens -3
Dan Namingha                                                                                                CORN MAIDENS AND BUTTERFLY MAIDEN                                            acrylic on canvas 78″ x 120″


Phoenician Collection Lamar Briggs Forest 27-1
Lamar Briggs                                                                                                 FOREST                                                                                                          mixed media on paper 35″ x 46.5″
Phoenician Collection Lamar Briggs Silver Forest-2
Lamar Briggs                                                                                               SILVER FOREST                                                                                               mixed media on paper 35.75″ x 69″
Phoenician Collection Lamar Briggs untitled diptych-3
Lamar Briggs                                                                                            UNTITLED DIPTYCH                                                                                     mixed media on paper 72″ x 168″
Phoenician Collection Merrill Mahaffey Untitled Landscape Bluffs by River-1
Merrill Mahaffey                                                                                LANDSCAPE BLUFFS BY THE RIVER                                                  watercolor on paper 48″ x 57.5″
Phoenician Collection Emmi Whitehorse Rincon Marquis II-3
Emmi Whitehorse RINCON MARQUIS mixed media on canvas 51″ x 71″
Phoenician Collection Micelle lester blue crocus tapestry-3
Michelle Lester BLUE CROCUS tapestry, wool and silk 48.75″ x 64.75″
Phoenician Collection Michelle Lester Pink Crocus-3
Michelle Lester PINK CROCUS tapestry, wool and silk 41″ x 60″
Phoenician Collection Michelle Lester Summer Walk-3
Michelle Lester SUMMER WALK tapestry, wool and silk 96″ x 72″
Hawk Hunting Rabbit Artist/maker: Juan Martinez Origin/country: Spanish. 20th Century Medium: Bronze Style/form: Sculpture Dimensions: Height: 53” x Width: 59” Date/period: 1977 Item Description: Bronze casting of hawk capturing a rabbit Signature/Markings: Signed in base, Juan Martinez, 1977




1518718111_1518671623_IMG_0288 copy
Composition with a Column
Artist/maker: Masoud Yasami
Origin/country: American, (born 1949)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: Height: 43” x Width: 80”
Date/period: 1989
Signature/Markings: Signed, dated ‘89
Condition: Sustained 4” tear in canvas left center, Repaired by Artist




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